GAME over: GAME to close Nuneaton store tomorrow

GAME Nuneaton will be closing the doors to their Nuneaton store tomorrow, on Saturday.

The video game retailer’s Nuneaton store on Queens Road (Mason Moore for Notizie)

The video game retailer are closing the doors to their Nuneaton store ‘due to unforeseen circumstances’, according to the official GAME Nuneaton Twitter account.

The full statement from branch’s Twitter account reads: “Due to circumstances beyond our control, the store will closing on Saturday.

“Hopefully we will be back very soon, but if you’ve pre ordered anything in-store, don’t worry.

“Your product is still secure and you will be able to collect it from our Ricoh arena store upon release.” [sic].

The tweet shows that the branch are hopeful that they will be ‘back very soon’.

The tweet reassures customers who have pre-ordered any games that they are able to pick them up from Arena Retail Park in Coventry.

GAME have not publicly stated a reason for the sudden closure of the store.

Locals have shown their thoughts on the matter.

Vaughan Moore, 19-year-old Nuneaton resident, said: “It is unfortunate but it was going to happen sooner or later.

“We’ve just lost HMV, and, people would rather buy a game digitally nowadays than go down to their nearest game shop, and, have switched their purchasing habits in more recent years, so there is not much need for it.”

Michael Govan said: “I think as more and more things become digital, it’s harder to sustain certain shops.

“We have seen this with Toys R Us, Maplin and many other stores.

“Why go into a store if you can get what you need at the click of a button?

“It’s fascinating, but also scary to think that we might be living in a future that is completely digital, where only things such as supermarkets, clothes shops and restaurants will survive.

“However, simple things like toys or video games, you know exactly what you are getting.

“It’s probably this reason why less people have visited the GAME store in Nuneaton and therefore they had less and less sales until they can’t sustain themselves anymore.”

Another resident seemed concerned with the closure, they said: “For all we know, people will be completely dependant on digital.

“But, what if at that point it suddenly ceases to function? Sometimes, the old is the backbone for the new.”

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