Personal piece: Ideas to help you buy for your valentine

MASON MOORE | Hinckley and Nuneaton Reporter

VALENTINE’S DAY is only a day away and lands tomorrow, on Friday 14.

If you are struggling for gifts, Notizie’s Hinckley and Nuneaton Reporter has got you covered with some ideas.

My first recommendation is a bouquet of flowers, and they don’t have to necessarily be expensive ones either.

Any will do, regardless of where you have purchased them, the message is all the same.

Whether it is Aldi, Morrisons, or a specialist high-street florist, it really is the thought that counts.

In my personal opinion, I think a red rose is a nice touch, commonly associated with Valentine’s Day and it is a very classy flower.

I spoke to a florist based in Narborough, named The Petals of Narborough, about popular flowers on Valentine’s Day, to see what they’d recommend.

An employee of Petals said: “Red roses are the biggest seller and they sell well.

“Bouquets with other requests in sell well too.”

Chocolates are a good suggestion and can quite literally go down a treat with your valentine. Supermarkets reduce the prices of chocolate over the Valentine’s holiday for this very reason.

Three different chocolate brands stuck out to me when I visited four different supermarkets for this article – Lindt, Thornton’s and Cadburys.

These are all well-known household brand names that have been reduced in the supermarkets, so you can buy branded confectionery for cheaper for your valentine.

This will let you spend more on extra gifts with any left over money, if you would like to, of course.

Alcohol-wise, Prosecco is a rather popular alcoholic drink and I noticed this as Tesco and Sainsburys have both put them on offer for the holiday.

This may be a pricier treat than chocolates for example but will make for a rather kind gesture to show your appreciation.

Although I did not visit any card shops, the supermarkets usually stock cards for the occasion, but well-known brands like The Card Factory and Cardzone specialise in these.

I hope that these ideas have inspired you to buy for your valentine on the day and it proves to be successful for you. I wish all the best to those still seeking advice and ideas on what to buy their valentine.

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