Personal piece: Deals you can treat yourself to this Valentine’s


Ah, Valentine’s Day. Is there a more romantic day of the year? Certainly not. After all, there’s only one meaning to February 14th, and that is love.

No, wait a minute. That’s not entirely true. Love and romance are definitely themes of Valentine’s Day, there is no denying this. However, not everybody has a partner to share the day with, and for them, a far greater meaning exists on 14th February, and that is discounts.

As a bachelor myself, I went around several of Hinckley’s biggest supermarkets in search for special bargains on food and drink to have MYSELF. Here are some of the best discounts:

Morrisons – Clover Field, Hinckley

  • Ferrero Rocher: Was £8, now £6
  • Lindor chocolate: Was £5, now £4
  • Romantic movies: £5 each

Asda – Barwell Lane, Hinckley

  • Thorntons: Was £10, now £7
  • Gordon’s (alcohol): £13
  • Prosecco: £6

Sainsbury’s – Rugby Road, The Crescent, Hinckley

  • Milky Way: Was £6, now £4
  • Godiva chocolate (Small): Was £5.50, now £3
  • Maltesers: Was £4, now £3

Tesco – Station Yard, Hinckley

  • Cadbury Heroes: Was £3, now £2
  • Celebrations: Was £3, now £2
  • Toblerone: Was £4.50, now £3.50

These prices are accurate as of 13.02.20, the date of publication and this piece is a personal piece. This means these are the thoughts of the writer, Not Notizie as a brand, news site or media entity.

This article is not promotional material for any supermarket listed, other options are available. We have only listed the following above as these are the only supermarkets in the town of Hinckley.

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