Piero Lounge raise £50 for local branch of cat charity

LAST NIGHT, Nuneaton café and bar, Piero Lounge, successfully raised a grand total of £50 for the local branch of a national cat charity.

Piero Lounge, a café and bar located in Market Place, owned by The Lounges, hosted a charity fundraising quiz night.

The quiz itself only cost £1 to take part in and all money raised went towards the chosen charity of the night, Cat Action Trust 1977’s Hinckley and Nuneaton branch.

The charity fundraising quiz night seen an amazing grand total of £50 raised for Piero Lounge’s chosen charity of the week.

Piero Lounge’s loungers with the charity volunteers (Mason Moore for Notizie)

Carol Rabaiotti, of the charity’s Nuneaton and Hinckley branch, said: “The grand total raised tonight is absolutely amazing. The money raised will help so much.

That amount will be enough to neuter two male cats and help with our vet bills. That money will help us out massively.”

Becca, Supervisor at Piero Lounge, said: “It’s brilliant and wonderful. I’m really chuffed with the total amount raised.”

The winning team won a £20 Piero Lounge gift voucher (pictured below)

The £20 Piero Lounge gift voucher (Mason Moore for Notizie)

The second team to win, the runners-up, won a bottle of wine for their team.

Spot prizes were won for members of team with the funniest name – team members were able to choose their prizes from a gift bag at the event.

The atmosphere was rather busy, and teams ranged from small teams of two, to teams with the maximum amount of six people.

There were seven different genres for the quiz this week, but these change each weekly.

The categories this week were: Pixar, food and drink, music and books, riddles, sports and games and finally, film and TV.

More people were in attendance for this weekend’s event. For last week’s quiz night, only 8 teams had taken part. This week, the numbers went up with 11 teams taking part.

Becca later commented on the event’s turnout. She said: “It’s really uplifting and heart-warming that even on a day with such bad weather, people have still come to support the charity here at Piero Lounge.”

Eleven teams took part in total. The following teams took part; however, some names have been censored.

  • Three Amigos
  • Cat 22
  • The Winners
  • Cats Drool, Dogs Rule
  • Quizzard Sleeves
  • Cats Causing a Storm
  • Let’s Get Quizzical
  • Came for Pokémon, never left
  • You’re a Quizzard, Harry
  • Blood, Sweat and Beers
  • Birthday Belle[censored]s

The next quiz night to take place at Piero Lounge will be next Sunday, 16 February at 7.00pm until just before 9pm.

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