Tree in Stoney Stanton struck by Storm Ciara

The edge of Storm Ciara struck the local area tonight, leaving a surprising amount of damage in its wake.

The storm has been stated as the worst to strike the UK since 2013, and, so far, it has lived up to this title.

Leicestershire also received a dose of the gale, as reported by Notizie reporter Adam Clarke, as he noticed that a tree on John Bold Avenue, Stoney Stanton had fallen down.

A photograph of the fallen tree (Adam Clarke for Notizie)

Mr. Clarke said: “As I was walking by, I noticed that the tree had collapsed. It was quite surprising to be honest, as the UK often gets off quite lightly when it comes to storms.

“This tree was pretty sturdy, and it has stood in Stoney Stanton for as long as I can remember. It just goes to show how dramatic the weather can sometimes be nowadays.”

How the tree looked days before it was hit by Storm Ciara (Google Maps)

Storm Ciara is still present, and if any further local disturbances are caused by the gusts, Notizie will keep you informed.

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