Fast-food giant hiring for new Hinckley branch

JOBS are currently up for grabs at the new McDonald’s fast-food chain that is set to open in March.

Fast-food giant, McDonald’s, are currently advertising for jobs in their newest franchise on job website Indeed, and the McDonald’s UK Careers website.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s has revealed the opening date of the new Hinckley branch on the A5 is March 4, 2020.

The jobs listed are at the franchised restaurant for full-time staff members and part-time crew members.

Whilst the jobs are for the new store, recruiting will take place through the McDonald’s restaurant located next to Morrisons in Hinckley.

The restaurant will be able to seat up to 160 customers and will be home to a drive-thru and shall operate for 24 hours per day.

McDonald’s have a long history with the town of Hinckley. They had a restaurant in The Borough in Hinckley town centre, before they left in the late 2000s.

McDonald’s have a restaurant located next to Hinckley’s Morrisons supermarket near the A47.

This newly-opening outlet on the A5 near the Dodwells Island would make for their second currently-operating Hinckley franchise.

Burbage resident, Lia Del Busso, said: “It is strikingly close to the McDonald’s on Perimeter Road. I’m concerned about the potential traffic it may cause, as it is close to a very large roundabout.”

“It may be of use to the students at the Harrowbrook college campus. It may be cheaper than the college canteen. People working on the Dodwells or Harrowbrook industrial estates may find it convenient for food.”

Lia later added: “People passing through the A5 are likely to stop there.”

Nuneaton resident, James, said: “I think it’s a fabulous addition to the Hinckley area. I feel I need more McDonald’s in my life. I’m lovin’ it.”

Dance teacher, Donna Lee, who works in Hinckley, said: “I think it’s a very good idea. I think we need another drive-thru.

It provides excellent job opportunities. It’s easily accessible to commuters who are waiting for the bus.”

Occupational therapist, Nicole, said: “I think you can never not have enough McDonald’s.

Sometimes when you are driving, you may get a bit peckish, so it’s nice to have it as an option when you stop off.”

Nicole later added: “It is probably adding to non-healthy eating, however, there are so many McDonald’s around that I don’t think it will change any time soon, so why not enjoy?”

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