Staff to be soaked by students at Hinckley college

STAFF MEMBERS at Hinckley College will get soaked by students as a part of Rag Week this week.

Soak the Staff will take place tomorrow (6 February) at the Hinckley College campus, owned by North Warwickshire and Leicestershire College.

The Hinckley College campus (Photo: Pick Everard)

The event is being organised by Student Centre staff members, Dorothy Chamberlain, who is best known to students as ‘Dinks’, and Daniel Glithero.

Students have the opportunity to soak staff with one sponge for 50 pence, or three sponges for £1.

So far this week, the Campus has been home to a few events, a tombola, a student bake-off, and a raffle.

At this moment in time, the only four staff members have been confirmed to be taking part in the Soak the Staff event, who are listed below:

  • Dorothy ‘Dinks’ Chamberlain
  • Daniel Glithero
  • Emily Coates
  • John Watson

It is possible that more staff members could take part on the day, although this is unconfirmed at the time of publication.

College Lecturer, Michael Pooley said: “I think that it’s a nice way for students to see staff members as people with personalities, rather than just members of staff.”

Event organiser, Dorothy Chamberlain said: “I have done it for the past four years and enjoy taking part, even though it is cold and wet.

If it makes money for the students, it’s all worth it.”

Hinckley college student, Caitlin Woollastoon, said: “It would be really good to raise money for the students.”

Another student at the Campus, Rufus Hart, said: “It would just be fun for everyone to do. I would genuinely bring in a tenner to soak the staff. I think John will be the most popular target.”

Event co-organiser, Daniel Glithero said: “Last year was unpleasant. Hopefully it will be better this year.

The event will take place outside. This year we will sit on chairs rather than stand in the stocks like we have used in previous years.

We’ll find extra staff to get involved in the event. Dinks and I are taking part in the whatever the weather.

The weather won’t affect Soak the Staff. One sponge is 50 pence and three sponges are £1.”

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