Signs of activity spotted at former Hinckley sports bar

The building on the corner of Trinity Lane and Hollycroft in Hinckley has been used a many number of things over the years, but has remained desolate since 2004.

Before 2004, this building was a sports entertainment bar named ‘All Bar Sports’.

The ruins of this establishment can still be seen today. The bar was opened in 1998, giving it a mere six years of business.

Signage of the former sports bar (Mason Moore for Notizie)

But it was not ‘All Bar Sports’ that this spot was best known for. After all, this building was once the impressive Danilo Cinema.

In 1937, the Danilo was built on the site of a former factory. This cinema was designed to be house 1,250 people.

It was one of a chain owned by Mortimer Dent, whose other cinemas were in Redditch, Longbridge, Stoke-On-Trent and Stourbridge, among others.

Dent was not the only owner of the cinema, and as the ownership changed, the Danilo’s name changed too.

First, the Danilo was re-opened as the Essoldo in 1970. Two years later, Classic Cinemas purchased the building and renamed it the Classic.

It was renamed once more as the Cannon in the 1980s, before closing down for good in 1993.

Of course, it was revamped into a sports bar. For the last 16 years, however, it has had no use, and now it just stands in the corner of Trinity Lane, reminding the people of Hinckley of bygone days.

However, it seems that the ruins of the infamous Danilo has been tidied up, but the landowners who are presumably responsible are unknown.

Residents are also wondering what the reason for the clean-up was, and what the future holds for the site.

What looks to be a former parking area has since been cleared up (Mason Moore for Notizie)

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