Concerns raised about drug use at Hinckley train station

Local community groups and Leicestershire Police have expressed concerns after what is suspected to be drugs paraphernalia was spotted at Hinckley railway station car park.

The concerns were raised after nitrous oxide cans and debris which could be heroin paraphernalia were found scattered at the scene.

A photograph of the litter spotted in the car park (Friends of Hinckley Station)

 The situation was first noticed on Sunday, January 26 by a small group of local volunteers, who regularly maintain Hinckley’s train station.

The group, Friends of Hinckley Station, aim to make the railway station a welcoming and interesting place for passengers.

The volunteers regularly manage the gardens to make them wildlife-friendly and climate-friendly areas.

Mike George, a volunteer of the Friends of Hinckley Station community group has expressed his concerns.

George said: “My concern about the evidence of substance and drug abuse is not that it’s litter, that’s irrelevant.

“The issue is that children and young people are being exploited, having their lives ruined and being drawn into crime, and nobody cares.”

A spokesperson for Leicestershire Police said: “We are aware there are some concerns regarding drugs misuse in the area of Station Road and we are working closely with the local Community Safety Partnership and the British Transport Police to address the issues and educate young people on the dangers of taking part in such activity.”

If anyone has any concerns about drugs misuse or information about offences in the area, they are asked to contact 101.”

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