Hinckley residents show mixed views over late-night vegetation works at the train station

Locals were outraged today about the discovery of some vegetation works at Hinckley Station at 12:30am.

Every night, until Friday 31 January, some emergency vegetation works will be occurring in Hinckley Station.

While this is happening, the residents of the neighbouring houses will be relaxing in their homes or sound asleep… or so it seemed.

However, Hinckley received a wakeup call when people expressed their displeasure on a local community page.

It started when an anonymous person said “Who in their right mind has approved the idea of cutting back hedges along the rail line with extremely loud chainsaws at 00:30am!? Absolutely appalling idea!”

Shortly afterwards, a number of people replied with their own opinions on this incident.

One person, Tee Emery, said: “I’m on Brookside and it was like it was in my back garden! There were no letters and I had a man extremely anxious autistic son in a right state because of the noise. Fuming! It would have been okay had we been informed so I could have prepared my son!!”

Bec Buswell said: “I thought it was a bl***y drone!”

Wayne Summers said “We heard it too. Bl***y ridiculous idea. Stupid time to do it that late. Fuming! I’m on the opposite side of Brookside to the rail.

Some other people actually defended the decision. Terry Bigley said: “Railway maintenance is carried out at night for safety reasons. It is not done just to annoy the neighbours!”

Paul Berry said: “Live near a train and what do you expect, all maintenance is done overnight for safety reasons. If you think that is loud, just wait until the test the line with their thumper.”

Notizie will keep you informed on this story as it develops. Notizie’s Hinckley Reporter has reached out to Network Rail on the matter.

Notizie would like to thank Harry Ward for the supplied featured image of Hinckley railway station for this article.

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