Hinckley College embraces the life of Ada Lovelace

ADA LOVELACE is a name that was unknown to Hinckley College students days ago, however she has been the talking point of discussion since Friday.

A new painting of Kirkby Mallory’s very own mathematician, Ada Lovelace, has been hung up above the Library and near the entrance and exit doors at the Hinckley college campus.

The painting was donated by the College’s neighbour, The Atkins Building, which came from an exhibition based around Ada Lovelace that ran from the months of October until November last year.

Belinda Allard, Receptionist for Customer Service and Support at the Hinckley campus said: “The photo is a copy, donated by The Atkins Building. The original painting is hanging up in the Prime Minister’s office in 10 Downing Street.”

Learning and Skills Manager at the College, John Watson, said: “This painting was donated to us by The Atkins Building. Throughout the months of October and November, there has been an exhibition there celebrating the life of Ada Lovelace.

They approached us with the donation because she lived and worked in the Hinckley area for a period of her life.

I think it is quite aspirational that someone from around here, hundreds of years later, has an exhibition devoted to them. It should definitely be a point of pride for our students. It is inspirational.”

Ada Lovelace was born in London, England in 1815 to Lord George Gordon Byron and Lady Anne Isabella Byron. Lovelace’s birth name was Augusta Ada Byron.

She has been dubbed the ‘mother of modern computer programming’ by computer programming websites. Lovelace was the only legitimate daughter of Lord Byron.

In January, Lovelace was portrayed by Sylvie Briggs as an on-screen character in British cult classic hit television show, Doctor Who, where she travelled with the thirteenth Doctor in the episode titled “Spyfall”.

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