Today marks the start of the Chinese New Year – The year of the Rat

Today is Chinese New Year, also referred to as the Spring Festival. In the United Kingdom, this is an occasion to eat Chinese food and enjoy some Chinese culture.

In China, however, today marks the dawn of the new year for their calendar, but this festival is commonly celebrated around the world.

This year is the Year of the Rat. Every year is dedicated to one of the twelve Chinese zodiac signs.

Chinese New Year begins on 25th January and goes on for 15 days, ending on 8th February.

Each of the twelve different zodiac signs is said to affect the personality of those who were born in a year of that sign. For example, all of those born in a Year of the Horse are believed to have some similar personality traits. Notizie have made a quick guide to the meanings of each animal.

RAT: The Rat people are seen as being creative and amiable, with a generous spirit, but they can also be seen as judgemental.

OX: Those born in a Year of the Ox are good leaders and loyal friends. They can also be stubborn at times.

TIGER: Tiger people are sensitive souls and rebels without a cause. They are happiest when fighting for a cause that they believe in.

RABBIT: The Rabbit people are seen as the nicest of the bunch, having a friendly, outgoing personality and believing in peace. They can also be quite sentimental.

DRAGON: Much like a dragon itself, these people are larger than life, majestic and charming. Their fiery passion is rivalled by no-one.

SNAKE: The Snake people have but one goal in life— to give and receive unconditional love. It is said that their minds and senses are always engaged.

HORSE: No matter the cost, the Horse people must have complete independence. They are natural born leaders with extremely high intelligence.

SHEEP: Some consider the Sheep people to be angels on earth, due to their large amount of love and care. However, there is a great power within them.

MONKEY: The Monkey people have the greatest sense of humour out of all the zodiac signs. They are intelligent and confident.

ROOSTER: These people are not afraid to stand out, with a healthy amount of self confidence that makes them enjoy being in the spotlight.

DOG: Much like real dogs, these people are truly loyal, trustworthy and protective. If somebody needs help, they will do anything in their power to assist them.

PIG: Pig people dedicate their lives to kindness, spending their time involved in humanitarian efforts. They particularly care for their community.

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  1. I’m a horse myself, although I think my independence is good, I do need a bit of help to get me going.

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