Look: Transformed former Nuneaton nightclub opens its doors for the first time in years with a new purpose

Last week on Wednesday, a transformed former Nuneaton nightclub space opened its doors for the first time in years with a new purpose.

Wednesday morning marked the opening day of the iconic Saints building serving its new purpose as a community hub where customers and town-goers alike had the chance to help themselves to a cheap coffee and slice of cake.

Phase one of the new Saints Nuneaton project has proven to be a success and opened its doors this morning to the general public for the first time in years.

The former nightclub building now has café style seating, a free children’s play area, local trade stalls and a conference room. The café is run by the adjoining Alara café, who serve delicious and affordable food and drink.

Saints Nuneaton sell locally-created enterprise crafts, mugs, and even fair trade foods.

There is an opportunity to purchase the locally-printed Nuneaton-themed ceramic mugs with references to the town like “Sunny Nunny”, the informal nickname of the town.

The new plans for phase two of the building will launch in the next couple of years.

Once the upstairs hall is renovated, phase two will focus on offering people support in improving their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Phase two will also help people to connect with others through the creative arts, with an aim of reducing loneliness and isolation.

When Notizie Newsdesk approached Saints Nuneaton for comment on their plans for the project, a spokesperson said: “Our hope and prayer is that this project brings the community together, in a way that inspires start-up businesses, local artists and enables people to tap into their hidden skills and talents.

We want to give people a sense of pride in their town and renovate this beautiful building, that we believe can be used to help restore hope and joy in our town.”

Nuneaton’s Member of Parliament, Marcus Jones, of the Conservative Party, paid a visit to the former dance hall back in October. Saints have revealed on their Facebook page that Jones has wrote a letter of support to boost their fundraising bids.

Notizie have attached a photo gallery below for readers to look through at the newly-refurbished community hub for the town.

If you have any photographs or memories of Saints being used as a nightclub, dance hall, or any capacity, please email us at notizienewsdesk@gmail.com with the subject line “Response to Saints Article”, where we will forward these on to the Saints press team as they are keen to get their hands on any memories and photographs.

The exterior of the Saints building
The new bar for the café – a very different bar to how former customers will remember it!
Locally-crafted enterprise items from Oak Wood secondary school students
Mugs, aprons and tea towels with Nuneaton themed phrases and sayings, such as “Sunny Nunny” and “’Ello me bab!”
Enterprise items have been made by Megan. Face-paint session opportunities are being offered by her sister Cassey
A play area for young children to enjoy while parents and carers can sit down and have a coffee as they watch and supervise them
Thanks to Saints, crafting business Hand Crafters Hub now have a home for their products
Saints is home to a new conference room that can be used as an education space and also hired by others
The second floor will be used as a part of Phase 2 for Saints in years to come

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