Nuneaton to lose HMV store in January

Sadly, it has been confirmed that HMV will bid farewell to Nuneaton in January 2020. On Monday 30th December, closing sale signs were seen covering the windows, announcing the store’s departure.

HMV has been a part of Nuneaton’s Ropewalk Shopping Centre for many years, with plenty of customers browsing their music and DVDs daily.

However, following the purchase of the company by Sunrise Records & Entertainment, this branch will be one of the 103 stores which will permanently shut their doors next year.

The store’s closure has been threatened before, over a land dispute. They were going to close at some point between December 2018 and January 2019, but the lease agreement was agreed and renewed, therefore cancelling the closure.

Local residents have commented on the news of the sudden closure surrounding the Nuneaton branch of HMV.

Samuel Hemmings said: “I hardly ever go to Nuneaton. I pass through the town every day on the bus, but I don’t go shopping there. I will admit that I don’t really know what HMV is.”

A resident who wishes to remain anonymous said that: “HMV was just a handy DVD retailer, but we can get DVDs from supermarkets like Asda.”

Nuneaton resident, Vaughan Moore said: “HMV is expensive, but it’s a shame it’s closing now”.

Another anonymous resident said: “The store is ‘overpriced as hell’.”

Notizie will keep you informed as the story develops.

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