Construction starts at Nuneaton’s former Countrywide store

Construction workers have recently appeared at Nuneaton’s former British country store, Countrywide, with some of the workers working inside diggers and trucks.

Whilst no plans are out to the general public yet in any form, this is a start for signs of activity at the store that local farmers and gardeners alike once loved.

The workers were spotted at the site on Friday the 20th of December. Lights inside the shop and doors to the unit were left open too.

Workers were there on foot, in diggers and cars. Piles of dirt and gravel have been dug up by the diggers, and metallic fence panels have been installed, so that workers can get on and off the site in their vehicles.

There are no public plans or clues online yet for what could be going on at this site.

The company, Countrywide, ceased operation on 7 March 2018 and left their Nuneaton branch sitting both empty and unused for almost a year.

They left a total of 22 stores sitting empty since going into liquidation in 2018, with Nuneaton included in this count.

We would like to give a special thanks to Notizie reader, Vaughan Moore, who snapped the photos of the construction at the former country store.

We will keep you updated once we learn of any further developments.

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