Personal piece: Notizie head back to Narborough

On Thursday 19th December, the Notizie Editorial Team took a train ride to the village of Narborough.

The sign for Narborough train station

We decided to visit our previous school to catch up with old friends and staff members, and also to tell them about Notizie.

We set off from our current school at 11:30 AM and arrived at Narborough approximately seven minutes later. From there, we walked through the town centre to the school.

Sadly, most of the students and staff were out on trips, but we did manage to meet with the deputy head and the cooks. Also, we managed to gain some quotes for an article we were writing at the time.

Afterwards, we headed back to Narborough Train Station at 1:28 PM to return to Hinckley. The train prices for a return trip was £10.20, which was an excellent bargain.

But what did the Notizie Editorial Team think about this outing?

Mason Moore of Notizie said: “Our first time travelling as Notizie from Hinckley, where we founded the site together, back to where we became friends in Narborough was a fantastic feeling.

We got to showcase our newly-found venture with teachers and staff who helped shape our writing abilities into what had helped our writing style and what Notizie has became today.

We received such a warm welcome from our last place of education, and seeing our press release about the launch of Notizie really meant a lot to me personally.”

Adam Clarke of Notizie said: “I think the return to our previous place of education was a large milestone for Notizie, as I felt that as our first week active had been such a success, with 11 articles under our belt already, that we had to go back to our old school and show everybody. It was a nice feeling.

I was thrilled that the deputy headteacher, who founded a school newspaper two years ago and arguably inspired the creation of Notizie, was so impressed with our website and the pieces that we have written. Her positive reviews made me look forward to the future of the Notizie Newsdesk.”

As the trip to Narborough was such a success, Notizie have decided to make these journeys a regular occurrence, so we will report news and events in the village of Narborough from time to time.

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