Clun Castle locomotive heading through Hinckley tomorrow

Steam locomotive, 7029 Clun Castle, is set to pass through Hinckley railway station tomorrow morning. It is scheduled to pass through any time between 9:20 am to 9:22 am.

The train will first be picking up from Dorridge, a village in Solihull in the West Midlands. The train will then pass through Nuneaton at 9:05 am, before making its way to pass on through Hinckley railway station.

The reason this locomotive is operating is because of the Christmas White Rose trip operated by Vintage Trains where it will make its stop for the day at York at 1:25 pm. The steam locomotive train is a dining train. That means that the passengers on board shall be eating on board.

The return time for Leicester is 9:59 pm and the return time for Nuneaton is 10:28 pm, where it shall be coming back down again at night time.

This gives train spotters a second photo opportunity of the steam train in all its glory if they missed it in the morning. They can turn on their flash and grab some photographs and video footage in either Nuneaton or Hinckley when it returns.

A local avid train spotter described the Clun Castle locomotive operating again tomorrow as a ‘flash from the past’.

The Clun Castle will be the second steam locomotive train to pass on through Nuneaton and Hinckley this week.

On Thursday morning earlier this week, the steam locomotive train, 60163 Tornado, passed through the town at 9:51 am on its way to Chester which we documented on a Facebook live stream for viewers to watch.

Notizie will be live streaming the Clun Castle steam locomotive train passing through Hinckley train station, exclusively on a Facebook live stream tomorrow morning.

Notizie would like to thank Harry Ward for the supplied featured image of Hinckley railway station for this article.

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