Italian eatery turns Indian in Hinckley as the transformation begins

As we reported two days ago on the 16th of December, signs of activity were spotted at the former Rossini’s Restaurant space in The Crescent, Hinckley.

Yesterday, contractors and sub-contractors were seen officially starting the renovation of the interior of the unit.

They have been emptying out everything that was left under the ownership of Rossini’s and stripping the unit entirely, so that they can get ready for Santhi Restaurant to take over the space.

Santhi Restaurant have said their restaurant is due to open late this year if all goes to plan.

Today, we have received comment from those who are contracted to work on the renovations.

Even though the contractors and sub-contractors were uncertain with Santhi’s plans to move in, they said: “We have done a deep clean inside of the restaurant.”

Although it is unconfirmed at this moment in time, it looks like the space will be worked on throughout the month of December, as the unit has been emptied out fully today and it has been worked on for the past few days.

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