Personal piece: Notizie Editorial Team help the Hinckley Foodbank

Today, the Notizie Editorial Team worked in partnership with a local specialist school on a ‘reverse advent calendar’, an initiative designed to encourage people to donate their unwanted items to people who need them more, therefore giving the less fortunate some joy this Christmas.

Leigh Boat, a teaching assistant at the school, said: “I think that the reverse advent calendar is a fantastic idea as I really like to help people who are less fortunate this Christmas.”

“I also think it is a great way to get our students helping out in the local community.”

But what charities will the donations be sent to? Leigh said: “We will be distributing the food items between the Pathways food bank and the Samaritans charity.”

To support the cause, Notizie visited the Aldi Foodstore in Hollier’s Walk, Hinckley, to buy some products for the calendar.

A total of £4.98 was spent on food and supplies to help the needy during the festive season. All of the purchased wares will be sent to the food bank.

The thoughts of the Notizie Editorial Team are with the less fortunate this year, and we hope the donated items will make their Christmas a little merrier.

Notizie’s Editorial Team, Mason Moore (left), Adam Clarke (right), inside of the Aldi Foodstore with the trolley of food that was selected by them and that will be donated to the chosen charities

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