“Ink”ley set to get a new tattoo parlour as signage goes up

An unused space located next to a coffee shop has finally been given the green light to open in Hinckley.

The space will be used for the first time since it has been created and it will be home to a tattoo parlour be called Tooth and Nail Tattoo, although it is stylised as “Tooth + Nail Tattoo” on the signage.

This would be the newest and most recent tattoo studio and parlour to join the town centre. The tattoo parlour is located on New Buildings, next door to Stockwell’s Coffee House and Bar, which opened back in May this year.

Tooth + Nail Tattoo are located in between Stockwells and Spencers

Signage above the space has recently been installed but it is unknown as to what the interior of the space looks as the windows have been covered over intentionally whilst the space gets prepared to open to the general public.

An opening date has not been revealed yet. We will keep you updated as the story develops.

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